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The Value of Full-Service Landscape Management

What to look for when hiring a landscape professional for your commercial property

By Nick DiBenedetto

When you’re investing your hard-earned money, it’s always advisable to diversify your portfolio and not have all your eggs in one basket — but when it comes to investing in your landscape, that philosophy can end up costing you time, money and headaches!

Landscaping is a service-based industry, which is why having a single company handle all aspects of landscape management makes sense.

Business is built on relationships

A successful business seeks to develop deep, meaningful connections with their customers to create mutually beneficial relationships. 

By creating a relationship with a business, you get to know them and understand how their business operates. And they get to know you and your preferences, which means you’re more likely to receive personalized care and special attention.

At ND Landscape Services, for instance, we make it a point to know everything about the properties we care for. Our crews act as your eyes and ears while on your property, spotting any issues they see before they become problems (part of “The ND Way,” our set of proprietary promises).

But building that kind of relationship takes time… that’s why it’s important to hire a company that can satisfy all your needs.

Why hire a four-season property management company?

To go back to our original analogy, while your actual portfolio is diversified, it wouldn’t make sense to have multiple financial advisors all with different strategies. 

The best course of action would be to find a professional whose values align with yours, who cares about your goals and has a proven track record of success with others — someone you can trust with your assets and grow your portfolio.

It’s the same when you’re looking for a company to care for and maintain your landscape… you want to partner with a company you can trust with your property so it flourishes and continues to increase in value.

This is much easier to do when you work with a four-season property management company — you can put the time and effort into deepening your relationship with a single company, rather than have one care for your lawn, another for your gardens and a third for snow and ice management.

How do you know which company to choose?

When choosing a landscape company, there are a few key areas to focus on:

Do they have a proven track record? 

Does the company have a website that proves they are experienced and professional? Look for:

Do they have the ability to provide the services you need?

If you need four-season care, does the company provide snow and ice management services too? If they don’t, you’ll end up having to source another company for this (and work on managing another relationship!).

At ND Landscape Services we offer a full range of services, including:

  • Garden care — Our in-house designers will create gardens with plants that bloom and thrive throughout the year plus perform regular maintenance tasks to keep your garden looking its best.
  • Tree care — We prepare a thorough inventory and assessment of your tree population and provide a plan to keep your trees and shrubs happy and healthy.
  • Turf care — Our approach improves the way your lawn takes on nutrients while helping it resist insects, disease and weeds.
  • Property care — Our all-inclusive property care takes care of your lawn and gardens, as well as your outdoor lighting and maintenance of hardscapes & patios. 
  • Irrigation — You can lower your water bills with a smart irrigation system — and keep your property looking its best while you’re at it (we’ll design a new system or retrofit an existing system). 
  • Snow & ice management — When winter hits, have peace of mind knowing your roadways, parking lots and walkways are safe and accessible.

And if you’re a commercial client, it’s a good idea to see if the company you’re hiring has residential services too, so you eliminate the headache of having to source and manage another company to care for your personal residence.

Is the company easy to work with?

You want to make sure the company you’ve hired to care for your property has systems in place that make it easy to do business with them.

  • Do they return calls promptly? —You need to trust that the company will be there when you need them, especially during winter storms! 
  • Do they have a single point of contact? —  At ND Landscape Services, your dedicated account manager oversees every aspect of your contract and are always a phone call away. No need to speak to multiple people. 

Do they have a service guarantee? — You’re putting a lot of trust and faith in the company that you choose to partner with. What do they do to earn (and keep) that trust? At ND Landscape Services, we genuinely care about our clients and their properties, and we back it up with our proprietary guarantee —  The ND Way.

Are you ready to enjoy four-season property care?

It’s pretty easy to find companies who specialize in one particular area of property care, but if you’re responsible for caring for a large commercial property, it’s easier (and more cost-efficient) to choose a company that can take care of all your property needs. 

Working with us is simple. 

Just fill out our short, online form to request a proposal and book a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing how we can help maintain and improve your property.

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