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The Importance of Timely Commitment & Communication

What you can expect from your working relationship with us

lawn being mowed
By Nick DiBenedetto

As a property manager, you need our team to be an extension of your team.

At ND Landscape Services, we believe that whoever you choose to partner with for your commercial landscape should be focused on one thing, and one thing only: building a strong working relationship!

And when it comes to healthy relationships, communication, responsiveness and an alignment of values are crucial. And one other thing — the foundation of a strong relationship is commitment.

In another post, we talked about the “100 Days of Hard,” and why it’s so important to plan before spring arrives. Equally important is getting that timely commitment from you before the rush of work comes as the snow melts.

Here’s why.

plant being planted

Landscapers don’t go to sleep. They’re planning year-round.

And if they aren’t… they should be!

As the old adage goes, “prior planning prevents poor performance.” There’s plenty going on behind the scenes at ND and other commercial landscaping firms around the country. In January, we’re already planning for the growing season, and during the heat of summer, we’re preparing snow & ice management plans for clients.

All that to say — to get the best out of your partnership with us and to give us a chance to execute at our highest level, we need your commitment before spring comes!

What exactly are we planning? Glad you asked. Here are the who, what, when and where of each of our plans — and why they matter.

Who: Get to Know Your Firm

Obviously, you aren’t going to meet every person who’ll be on your property before signing the dotted line, but you can get a good idea of who you’ll be working with from your initial contact with the firm.

At ND, you have a single, dedicated point of contact with your account manager. This person always returns phone calls and emails promptly. If an emergency comes up, they make themselves available right away. Your account manager advocates for you and works directly with our internal production manager to ensure your concerns are heard.

Having a single point of contact at our company ensures that if you ever want to upgrade your services or enhance your property, doing so is as simple as reaching out.

Beyond that point of contact, there’s an entire team behind the work that gets done on your property. We’re immensely proud of ours and like to introduce them to you on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, as well as in our monthly emails!

What: Define a Clear Scope of Services

“Landscape management” is a term that can mean a lot of things, especially on a commercial property. Your contract should clearly outline what services are included for yours.

That’s why, at ND, we’ve standardized our offerings into three main packages. Each of these packages clearly outlines what services to expect and how often. Your contract will contain detailed pricing and breakdowns for each service, so you know exactly what to expect.

When: Confirm Timing for Each & Every Service

Your contract should detail the timing for services throughout the seasons, with an in-depth schedule for when everything will happen. If you have special requests or needs, these will also be noted. Such as…

  • The installation of spring, summer or fall annuals.
  • Fertilization of lawns and gardens at specified times throughout the year.
  • Spring and fall cleanups, pruning and cutbacks.

Finally, your contract should have a clear start and end date, outline the renewal process and what might happen in the event of inclement weather (which happens frequently during our “100 Days of Hard”!).

lawn being mowed

Where: Ensure Locations Are Discussed & Noted

While your property’s address is obviously on the contract, is it obvious where certain tasks need to happen on your site?

Certain gardens may need more care than others, you may want annuals planted in certain garden beds (but not others) — or, when it comes to snow & ice management, you’ll likely want the snow piled in a specific corner of your lot.

We always ensure we discuss these locations with you — and pay extra attention to any special requests. It’s best practice to put these requests in writing, so look for details like these in your contract.

Why: Make the Benefits Clear

If these four things aren’t clear when you’re ready to sign the dotted line, it’s a red flag. The benefits of your partnership should be clear as day.

At ND, this means:

  • Who: A team of committed people who care about your experience, take the time to understand your needs and act with a sense of urgency.
  • What: Detailed proposals written in plain language with clear pricing breakdowns so you know exactly what you’re getting into.
  • When: In-depth schedules paired with proactive communication so you always know what to expect and when.
  • Where: Extra attention paid to special requests — we treat your property like we would our own!

Curious what you can expect from ND Landscape Services? The ND Way, our proprietary service guarantee, outlines everything.

If you’re ready to book a consultation, you can do so here.

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