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Pools & Spas

Soak in the relaxation or splash into fun

Immerse yourself in the warmth of a spa or jump into the pool with your loved ones — all you need to do is add water.

Dive into the pleasure of a pool

Putting a pool just outside your back door can bring endless pleasure to your summers. Play with the young kids (or grandkids) in your life, float the weekends away with a drink in hand or go for a quick dip after working out — take your pick, because it’s all possible with a pool by ND.

Slow down time in a spa

There’s nowhere better to unwind after the day is done than in the warm embrace of a spa. As you first step in, feel the warmth spread throughout your body. Then, enjoy soothing jets on aching muscles or just lounge with the birds chirping in the trees nearby. The design team at ND Landscape Services can help you choose and place the ideal hot tub for your landscape.

Bring the joy of water to your landscape with…

  • In-ground concrete, liner, vinyl & fibreglass pools
  • In-ground, above-ground & sunken spas
  • Pool coping
  • Custom ladders & steps
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Ready to refresh your home’s outdoors?

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Serving Metro Boston, the North Shore and Southern New Hampshire

Based in Georgetown, ND services properties on the North shore, Portsmouth, and Southern New Hampshire, Metro Boston, Middlesex, Suffolk and Norfolk County.