Tree Care Services

Keeping your trees and shrubs healthy not only enhances your landscape’s beauty, but also increases your property’s value. Commercial clients on the North Shore and beyond rely on ND Landscape and a division of ND Landscape, Grass Master Plus for a wide range of tree care services to maximize tree health.

Anti -desiccant (no-wilt) application
Assessment & management plan
Birch leafminer application
Cabling and bracing
Deep root feeding & watering
Deer sprays (to deter deer from eating shrubs/trees)
Disease & insect treatments
Drought services
Maujaut (injecting insecticide or fungicide to help tree survive)
Pruning & trimming
Storm preparation & response
Tick control and management
Tree health
Winter moth treatment (usually done in spring)

Optimal tree health requires thoughtful planning and careful execution. The ND Landscape team includes state-certified arborists and pesticide applicators along with other licensed professionals whose expertise spans all aspects of tree care and maintenance.

Our work generally begins with a thorough inventory and assessment of your tree population. Based on this information, we put together a year-round plan for your commercial property.

ND Landscape handles all of the basic tasks you’d expect, from tree planting, pruning, trimming and fertilization to disease and insect treatments to cabling and bracing. We can help you prepare for storms through lightning protection and other services. And following a storm, our crew can clean up debris and repair any damage the trees have sustained.

Whatever your tree care and maintenance needs, ND Landscape is here for you. Contact us today to learn more.