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Why Our Clients Have a Single Point of Contact

Our approach to customer service is different than most landscapers…

By Nick DiBenedetto

To some, landscaping work may look simple. But executing landscape services that meet with or exceed expectations requires a surprising amount of details.

For over 40 years, ND Landscape Services has set a high standard for landscaping for both commercial and residential properties. And we’ve always assigned a dedicated account manager to each account so our clients knew who to call with questions or concerns. 

But we felt that wasn’t enough. 

We were looking for a way to provide a higher level of service to our clients, while also making sure we were providing assistance and support to our crews — so we decided to assign two managers to each project!

Why assign two managers?

On the face of it, assigning two managers may seem like an unnecessary expense. But we don’t look at it that way. 

We see it as an investment in customer service.

We realized that managing the field staff required a different set of skills than those needed to communicate with our clients. And the best way to serve both was to have an Account Manager for our clients and a Production Manager for our crew.

A guaranteed high level of service

The ND Way”, is a set of proprietary promises crafted specifically to ensure you always receive the highest level of service, guaranteed. 

And, as your main point of contact, your Account Manager will be responsible for making sure we live up to our promises. Your Account Manager will:

  • Return emails and phone calls promptly — All questions and concerns will be addressed in a timely manner so you’re not left wondering if anyone got your message.
  • Be available in times of emergency — If something untoward should happen you can count on us for a quick response.
  • Advocate for you and make sure your concerns are heard — If a problem or issue arises the proper department will be advised so it can be resolved.
  • Coordinate all activities with the Production Manager — We use “Boss LM,” a landscape management software that helps us document and share information (including photos and drawings) in real-time. Relevant information can be sent directly from your Account Manager to the Production Manager — even down to the crew level, if necessary. 
  • Work to build a lasting relationship — Because their sole focus is on customer service, your Account Manager will get to know you and your property on a deep level. Your preferences will be noted and kept on file for easy reference.

A better experience for everyone

At ND Landscape Services, we believe having a strong working relationship includes our internal customers as well… our hard-working crew! 

Having a Production Manager with boots on the ground is what makes our process run so smoothly. The Production Manager makes sure all projects are completed according to our clients’ specifications while providing support to our field staff.  

The Production Manager makes sure the crew has all the equipment and materials they need to get the job done and gives our field team someone to go to with questions about a project.

Embracing technology 

As mentioned above, we use Boss LM to help coordinate all of our business activities. In addition to being an extremely valuable communication tool, it has allowed us to cut back on a number of administrative tasks. This lets us focus more of our energy on customer service and enhancing the client experience.

Experience the ND Way for yourself…

At ND Landscape Services, we believe both our clients and our crew deserve the highest level of service available — and we’re willing to do what it takes to make sure that happens!

If you’re interested in knowing more about our process, or you’re ready to get started, you can book a consultation with us here.

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