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How to Create a Landscape Without Disrupting Your Summer

Using our winter enclosures is a solution that keeps everyone happy!

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By Nick DiBenedetto

Planning an extensive landscaping project can really disrupt your summer. And depending on the size and complexity of the project, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to complete.

It’s not such a big issue for people who live in areas with endless summer — they can plan their renovations for the “winter” and not miss out on summer fun.

But up here in New England, we don’t have that option… or do we? 

By investing in construction site tents, we can avoid most of the pitfalls of outdoor construction. Here’s how we all benefit from using temporary winter enclosures.

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Get more accurate timelines

Working outside is always tricky — weather is unpredictable and can be pretty harsh, with blazing sun, freezing cold, or days of endless rain or snow. All can cause delays in construction, making it difficult to predict a timeline with 100% accuracy. 

In a controlled environment, the job site is protected from rain, snow, and heavy winds, reducing (or even eliminating!) downtime, making it easier to schedule projects and hit completion dates.

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Protection from the elements

Working outdoors can be a real joy… but if the weather isn’t cooperating, it can also be uncomfortable and even dangerous. 

These enclosures shield workers, equipment and materials from harsh winter weather, allowing your project to be built no matter how cold it gets — imagine having a pool installed in January!

Be ready for summer fun

Most construction in New England is done in the summer (for obvious reasons), meaning you won’t be able to fully enjoy your property until the following year. 

By using an enclosure to build in the winter, you’ll be able to enjoy your new landscape as soon as the weather warms up!

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Avoid disappointment

You’ve decided to do some major upgrades to your landscape (or build a new one!) this summer, only to find out that the best landscapers are booked solid… so you either have to wait or go with your second (or third) choice, which is not ideal.

Without infinite time and resources, the only way to fit in more projects is to use an enclosure to extend the construction year.

Provide year-round employment

Working outdoors and being in the fresh air has its advantages, but it comes with some disadvantages too. The most obvious one is not being able to work when the weather is not cooperating!

In a previous post (The “100 Days of Hard”), I touched on some of the challenges we face as landscapers. One of the challenges landscape workers face is getting enough hours in the off-season. 

Using an enclosure to construct our landscapes in the winter means less downtime for our construction team members (the snow and ice management team are kept busy!) and helps stabilize their work schedule. Providing this stability means we’ll be able to retain our top talent so we can continue to deliver exceptional service to our clients. Win-win!

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What kind of investment is needed?

We split the cost of using the enclosure with our clients, so we both win. We win by having enough work to help offset the costs of the enclosure, and you win by being able to have your landscape completed without major disruption to your summer.

The actual investment depends on the size and scope of the project.

Interested in getting work done this winter?

If you’d like to step out your door to a new landscape next spring, we’ll need an early commitment from you in the months of July through to October. All you need to do is book a consultation with us, and we’ll take care of the details.

This gives us time to work with you to create your landscape design and book the enclosure, so everything is ready to go!

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