Landscaping Tips

Planting Tips

Fall is a great time to plant trees and shrubs.

April is the time to divide fall flowering perennials.

The average last frost day in our area is between May 1st and May 10th.

In March, get those seed orders together soon; try growing at least one new vegetable this year.

April is the time to start those vegetable garden transplants, 6-8 weeks before planting is deal.

Planting Tips

Pruning, Maintenance & Plant Care Tips

A new layer of mulch can reduce weeds and help hold in soil moisture.

A monthly application of a wetting agent can help your lawn fare better under this summer’s inevitable water restrictions and bans.  Call us at 978-353-5400!

June is the best time to prune spring flowering shrubs.

July is the time to prune your rhododendrons and azaleas before they make next year’s flower buds.

August is the best time to divide spring flowering perennials.

August is the best time to have your lawn core aerated and over-seeded for a better lawn next spring.

Anti-desiccant applications can help protect your rhododendron leaves from winter burn.

In order to get berries on your holly bushes you need male and female plants.

March is a great time to clean, repair and paint your window boxes so they’re ready for spring.

Pruning  & Plant Care Tips

Insect Tips

Anytime the temperature gets above 42 degrees Fahrenheit ticks can be active.

Nymph black legged ticks become active May through July.  This is the stage most likely to transmit Lyme disease.  We offer perimeter tick control programs.  Call 978-352-5400!

If your tree leaves look like Swiss Cheese you probably have Winter Moth – Call us zt 978-352-5400 for a quote for treatment.

Japanese beetles are the adult form of the white grubs that can damage your lawn if it’s not treated.

The Asian tiger mosquito has made its way to Massachusetts.

Mites and scale insects are active now in August.  Call for a free evaluation of pest problems on your plants.

Lady Bugs are a beneficial insect.  They feed on aphids.

Mice are a preferred host for larval and nymph stage deer ticks.  Start mouse proofing your house now before they come looking for a winter home.

Woolly Adelgid is most active during the cold winter months.

Insect Tips

More Helpful Tips

Remember to adjust your landscape lighting as the days get shorter.

Think about setting up a rain barrel to catch some of the fall recharge rains.

Check the temperature in your fishpond.  Above 50 degrees – start feeding.

In November, stop feeding your Koi fish and be sure to provide aeration so the water does not freeze.

November is a great time to get your garden soil tested.

Poinsettias grow as big as trees in tropical climates.

Christmas cactus is native to the mountains of Brazil.

The Fraser fir is the most popular Christmas tree.

Sap from jewel weed is a natural treatment for poison ivy.

Crabgrass seeds don’t start to germinate until the forsythia has dropped its’ blooms.

More Helpful Tips